Our Story

Why We Started

In April 2017, Paul Morrison, the founder of Idare2inspire, heard about another brutal attack but this time in West London, not too far from where he lived. Abdullahi Tarabi, the nineteen-year-old involved, died from his injuries. Moved by the incident, Paul decided to travel over the area where the incident happened to visit the vigil and pay his respects. Whilst there, two young men approached him, they asked him what he was doing in the area. Paul realised that he’d driven into what felt like a gang-controlled area. Paul being of colour, drives a four-wheel drive Land Rover Discovery 4 with privacy glass, attracted a lot of attention. Feeling
extremely vulnerable and out of his comfort zone, Paul explained to the two young men that he’d come only to offer his condolences.

After a brief conversation with the two young men, one of them mentioned that he was in fact one of Abdullahi’s relative, and Paul soon discovered that even though the areas was surrounded by police because of the crime, nobody had actually offered him, his family or his friends any support and clearly they were in need of some.
After offering a moment of silence for the deceased, Paul encouraged the young men and advised them on what help was available. It dawned on Paul however, that what was available wasn’t enough. People who are struggling, people who are grieving, shouldn’t have to search for support that is supposed to be readily available to them. Where was the community outreach?

Paul went away and recorded his thoughts, both audibly and through a written post online that attracted over 120,000 views. As he voiced his concerns, he found himself saying ‘I dare to inspire’. Just over a year later, this mantra has blossomed into I Dare 2 Inspire, a social enterprise designed to empower and raise the aspirations of under-represented young people aged between 14 and 23, from BAME, and socially and economically deprived backgrounds.

We Have A Strong Mission

Offences involving knifes
Number of offences compared to last year
Percentage of people who reoffend


I believe every young person should be given an opportunity to succeed but sadly this is not always the case for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged. I am proud to see the incredible work idare2inspire is doing to support our disadvantaged young people turn their lives around and gives them back their future. Keep up the great work – I am here if you need our support.
Nick Madhavji
CEO & Founder Joskos
I see the creation of idare2inspire.com by Paul Morrison as a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on empowering young people. Paul has always built strong friendships - not only with his professional contacts but also with students. He has a deep passion for improving the level of educational success and career progression for future talent and young leaders. I believe that idare2inspire.com will benefit students in so many ways and when you take the time to read about Paul’s achievements you will want to help him to set the foundation for something that will grow in time. You have to practice what you preach and Paul leads by example.
Veronica Martin
COO - Aleto Foundation, Alumni Champion - Generating Genius, Founder - Beyond Our Youth, Director - BoardRoom Connect and Trustee - Reedham Children’s Trust
Paul is a man who makes things happen. His work on creating opportunities for young people to date has been inspirational. idare2inspire is a fantastic new initiative from him that will have a genuine impact on young peoples lives. Portsmouth College is proud to be involved.
Simon Barrable
Principal of Portsmouth College
The founder of idare2inspire has been a positive encourager and mentor to me for around 15 years. Advising me in all areas of life including business, spiritual and emotional support. He’s been a great support to not only me but many both young and old. I am excited by the impact iD2i will have on the next generation.
Craig McAnuff
Director of Craig Dean Studio & Co-founder of Original Flava
I am so delighted to be one of the key sponsors of idare2inspire. The founder and I, from a very early, dreamt about making a difference in society and I am so proud to see what iD2i has already achieved. They give young people from socially and economically challenged background real opportunities to succeed. Simply incredible!
Mark Yeomans
Managing Director Mytec Group